Over 750 Canadians demanded to be euthanized

By Lianne Laurence Special to The Interim Canadians should be “deeply ashamed” of their government’s first annual report on euthanasia that reveals that 771 sick Canadians asked to be lethally injected in 2019 because of loneliness, says a well-known American euthanasia opponent. “Good grief. We are told that euthanasia is ‘compassion.’ But how compassionate is it when last year in Canada, hundreds […]

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Wife goes to court to stop legal killing of husband

An 82-year-old Canadian woman is going to court to stop her husband of 48 years from being euthanized, arguing that he is not eligible to be lethally injected under the country’s current law. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC), which is financing the unprecedented case, sent out an urgent appeal for funds August 14 after a judge rejected the wife’s request for an [...]

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Candidates ignored euthanasia

Despite urgency of euthanasia, CPC front-runners do not address issue The Conservative leadership candidates have not focused closely on the issue of so-called Medical Aid in Dying, or MAiD (euthanasia), even though the government is debating the expansion of euthanasia through Bill C-7. The two supposed front-runners, Peter MacKay and Erin O'Toole have not addressed the issue. Derek Sloan vowed to "Extend the official review [...]

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Suicide and Mental Illness

Italian psychiatrist raises doubts about assisted suicide and mental illness Bernardo Carpiniello reports that psychiatrists raise serious clinical concerns in approving euthanasia for mentally ill patients. Bernardo Carpiniello of the Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health-Unit of Psychiatry at the University of Cagliari, Italy, published an article in the Journal of the Italian Society of Psychiatrywarning about the dangers [...]

Prevention and promotion?

It is madness, if you will excuse the expression, to extend Canada’s already-permissive euthanasia/assisted suicide regime to the mentally ill. As we have recently reported in these pages, the Trudeau government’s Bill C-7 eliminates what modest restrictions existed in their 2016 euthanasia law, including that death be imminent. While claiming that C-7 does not allow mental illness as a reason to access [...]

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Coronavirus-related pro-life stories

Canadian abortionists respond to covid-19 On March 18, Global Newsreported on how various work environments were impacted by the coronavirus; one was a Toronto abortuary. Jane Gerster reported on the “seemingly never-ending list of cancellations and closures,” noting that “The situation changes almost hourly.” She sought out human interest stories on how the widespread closure “is already changing people’s lives nationwide,” including [...]

Statement from Cardinal Collins on Bill C-7

Editor’s Note:On Feb. 25, Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, released a statement on the introduction of Bill C-7:An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying). The Interim reprints the statement in full. The federal government has introduced new legislation expanding the eligibility criteria for euthanasia. The inaccurate term, medical assistance in dying (MAiD), is currently used to describe [...]

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Trudeau Liberals table expansive euthanasia bill

Federal government bill guts euthanasia safeguards. On Feb. 24, the Trudeau government tabled legislation that would make Canada’s euthanasia law the most permissive in the world according to anti-euthanasia groups. Bill C-7 was introduced by Justice Minister David Lametti and, if passed without amendment, the Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying) will liberalize the three-year-old euthanasia [...]

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Euthanasia and organ harvesting

Editor’s Note: The term “euthanasia” in Canada, in its legal voluntary form is called “medical assistance in dying” and became legal along with assisted suicide in June 2016. The term ‘assisted suicide’ means that the individual committing suicide dies by a self-administered drug rather than a doctor-administered lethal injection. “Medical assistance in dying” and “death by legal injection” mean that a doctor [...]

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5,000 Canadians killed by euthanasia in 2019 and 13,000 since legalization

Alex Schadenberg criticized the federal government's consultation process and plan to expand euthanasia. The media is reporting that there have been more than 6700 medically assistance in dying (MAiD) deaths in Canada since it was legalized in June 2016. I estimate that there have been at least 13,000 euthanasia deaths and here is how I defend this estimate. First, the [...]

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Ottawa, Quebec intent on expanding euthanasia

Both federal government and province rush consultations ahead of court-imposed March deadline Justice Minister David Lametti has long supported broadening Canada's euthanasia rules. Ottawa gave the public two weeks to provide input on how it should expand euthanasia while the Quebec provincial government scheduled just one day of consultations ahead of broadening criteria for people seeking so-called medical aid in [...]

Multiplying reasons for applying euthanasia

National Affairs Rory Leishman Prior to enactment of the Medical Assistance in Dying (Bill C-14) in 2016, pro-lifers warned that this pernicious legislation would mark but the first, fatal step down an exceedingly slippery slope toward ever broader legal scope for physicians to intentionally kill their vulnerable patients. Proponents of euthanasia scoffed. In a report released in 2011, the self-styled [...]

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Quebec may let doctors euthanize patients suffering from dementia without their active consent

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition executive director Alex Schadenberg says incompetent individuals will not have autonomy and choice. The Quebec government is opening public consultations on allowing doctors to euthanize sick people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other degenerative diseases who are no longer able to give their consent. Coalition Avenir Québec’s Health minister Danielle McCann announced at a press conference that all [...]

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Liberals to ban conversion therapy and liberalize euthanasia

In 2015, Justin Trudeau made headlines and history when he became the first Canadian prime minister to make public his mandate letters to the newly appointed cabinet ministers. Each letter contains some standard text about the expectations for all cabinet ministers as representatives of the Trudeau government before outlining some priority areas of responsibility unique to each department, and in some cases [...]

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