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Over one third of Ontario’s English Catholic school boards support ‘Pride Month’

Eleven of Ontario’s 29 English Catholic school boards explicitly acknowledged June as “Pride Month,” even though “Pride” events are known for celebrating homosexuality, transsexualism, and other sexually deviant behaviors. The Catholic boards acknowledged “Pride Month” in the context of assurances that Catholic schools are inclusive and welcoming to all and often used the tagline: “We are all wonderfully made,” with an illustration [...]

Catholic education: a divided morality

  Rory Leishman National Affairs For a striking illustration of the moral and spiritual degradation that afflicts so many ostensibly Christian universities in North America, consider the contrasting reactions to the screening of the excellent pro-life movie Unplannedat Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, and King’s University College at Western University in London, Ontario. Given that both Benedictine College and King’s [...]

2020-03-09T08:48:05-06:00March 9, 2020|Religion, Religious Education, Rory Leishman|

Toronto Catholic board caves on gender ideology in code of conduct

On Nov. 8, following a marathon seven-hour meeting, the Toronto Catholic District School Board, voted 8-4 to add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to its Code of Conduct. The largest Catholic school board in Canada, which is responsible for 90,000 students, updated its Code of Conduct for employees and students: “all members of the school community must: respect and treat others fairly, [...]

2019-12-03T15:59:42-06:00December 5, 2019|Announcements, Features, Religious Education, Society & Culture|

Q & A with new Seat of Wisdom president Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams Edtior’s Note:Earlier this year, Dr. Keith Cassidy retired as president of the Seat of Wisdom College (SWC) in Barry’s Bay, Ont. Dr. Ryan Williams, a former academic dean at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington, NY, and associate dean at St. Joseph’s Seminary for the Archdiocese of New York, is the new president of SWC. Second-year [...]

The importance of a liberal education

Today education is of great importance in western societies and debates frequently arise as to how to solve various problems in public or post-secondary schools. Seldom though, does the fundamental question get asked: what is the purpose of education?  The answer: to lead one to Truth and Beauty. That is why a classical liberal arts formation is so needed, to fulfill the [...]

2019-09-10T11:16:26-06:00September 11, 2019|Religious Education, Society & Culture|

‘New’ Ontario sex-ed a lot like the old curriculum

Gender identity theory to be taught in Grade 8, homosexuality in Grade 5 An estimated 300-500 people attended the anti-sex ed rally at Queen's Park on Sept. 21. 2016 In what pro-family advocates are blasting as a “broken promise,” Ontario Education Minister Lisa Thompson announced March 15 that the government will be instituting a sex-education curriculum that exposes children to [...]

2019-04-10T10:33:30-06:00April 10, 2019|Religious Education, Sex Education, Society & Culture|

Broken promises and politics

Doug Ford Premier of Ontario It is hardly a secret that candidates for political office do not always keep their promises, and yet voters get fooled time and time again by politicians vowing to do this or that. Many voters assume that when a politician speaks he or she is lying, cynically believing that a promise made on the campaign [...]

Social issues featured prominently in Alberta election

The Alberta NDP will face voters April 16 and it is expected that Rachel Notley’s government will fall to the United Conservative Party led by former pro-life federal MP Jason Kenney. Jason Kenney; leader of the United Conservative Party. Kenney, a former co-chair of the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus in the 1990s and erstwhile immigration minister under Stephen Harper, returned to [...]

Crisis at St. Mike’s should force schooling rethink

I have been a lifelong fan of the Beach Boys, but I’ve never been able to understand their 1963 hit single, “Be True To Your School.” That probably says more about me than the Beach Boys, but I think it has a lot to do with my high school, which has been in the news quite a bit lately as I write [...]

Halton Catholic school board scraps pro-life policy

Pro-life Halton Catholic school board trustee Helena Karabela was re-elected on Oct. 22nd. Halton’s Catholic school board killed its eight-month-old Sanctity of Life policy last month, but the bitter controversy the motion provoked didn’t die with it. Instead, it raged on in the campaign for Ontario’s municipal election, with the winners decided at the ballot box Oct. 22. The local [...]

2018-11-26T07:39:20-06:00November 26, 2018|Pro-Life, Religious Education, Society & Culture|

Canada’s velvet totalitarianism

Law Matters John Carpay Canada in 2018 is still a relatively safe space for practicing Christians. Especially when compared to Pakistan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, where churches are burned, bombed or banned. Or China, which persecutes believers who attend authentic Christian churches free from government control. Canada’s velvet totalitarianism is such that the British Columbia government did not resort to [...]

2018-09-19T08:23:51-06:00September 19, 2018|John Carpay, Religious Education, Society & Culture|

Humanae Vitae at 50

The background       Pope Paul VI There was a great deal of moral tumult in 1968. The sexual revolution was in full swing, with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner declaring the year before, “I am in the center of the world.” Canada legalized divorce and was on the verge of legalizing contraception and homosexual acts, and permitting abortion-on-demand. Three [...]

The wisdom of Humanae Vitae

Editors’ note: These are excerpts from the encyclical Humane Vitae. God’s Loving Design Married love particularly reveals its true nature and nobility when we realize that it takes its origin from God, who “is love,” the Father “from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named.” Marriage, then, is far from being the effect of chance or the result of [...]

Halton board suspends pro-life charity policy

Trustee Helena Karabela The Halton Catholic District School Board suspended its sanctity of life policy which prohibits student organizations and its 50 schools from fundraising for “any charities or non-profits that publicly support, either directly or indirectly, abortion, contraception, sterilization, euthanasia, or embryonic stem cell research,” following pressure from the Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne and student protests against the [...]

Teachers get a lesson on beauty

Like the still, small, voice beyond the raging storm, the Wojtyla Summer Institute for Teachers, at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College in Barry’s Bay, Ont., did not set out to dazzle or even impress, but rather, quietly resonate. Every year in mid-August, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College hosts a three-day seminar for Catholic teachers as nourishment and fortification for the [...]

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