UN, US in abortion conflict

July 23, 2020|

Human rights groups chastise UN abortion advocacy Since Donald Trump became U.S. president in January 2017, he has vowed not to support the [...]

Neither rump nor stinking albatross

July 21, 2020|

Social conservatives are an unignorable part of Conservative Party Those awful social conservatives, how could they! They cost the Conservatives the election again! [...]

Candidates ignored euthanasia

July 21, 2020|

Despite urgency of euthanasia, CPC front-runners do not address issue The Conservative leadership candidates have not focused closely on the issue of so-called Medical [...]

And then there was this …

July 13, 2020|

Canada Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has announced new funding of $8.9 million for international abortion organizations. As outlined in this column last month, [...]

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